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Anti Theft Backpack

Anti Theft Backpack

Are you careful about your stuff you bring along? Then our Anti-theft Backpack is perfect for you. Our Laptop Backpack applies anti-theft design technology. No thief will easily open your backpack because it is equipped with a secret pocket behind the bag. It's super good for travel, work, or school.

Our Anti-theft Travel Backpack has a unique zipper where the main pocket is fully hidden in the back of this bag. Your electronic device can charge anywhere by its external USB port charging cable. This Anti-theft Bag is a safe backpack for you to walk in the night. Waterproof Anti-theft Backpack comes with a 180° adjustable main compartment, dust-proof nylon, oxford fabric, various functional pockets for pens, breathable mesh shoulder straps, 6-layers breathable mesh back padding, durable, lightweight, and comfortable.

  • Dust-proof nylon, oxford fabric
  • Breathable mesh shoulder straps
  • 180° adjustable main compartment
  • 6-layers breathable mesh back padding