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Calming Pet Bed

Self warming & anti anxiety calming dog bed. This donut dog bed is designing for dogs who love to curl up. Longer and thicker shag vagan fur feels like mommy's fur, providing our friends a secure and ortopedic feeling and giving them a comfy sleeping environment. This round dog bed just a warm and cozy winter gift for our four-legged loved ones

This large dog bed wil provice full neck support. This indestructible dog bed is soft trim on the inside, donut shape with warm fur, surrounding bolster to support our friends' head and neck. The 24inch medium dog bed is filled with 2.2lb cotton, the 30inch large dog bed is filled with 4.4lb cotton, absolutely a good supporter for our friends' head, neck and body

Dog bed & dog mat : The central round mat is independent of the donut dog bed, you can take out it as a daily mat or whatever you like. If you take out it in the summer, the bed will not that warm for our four-legged loved ones.

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