Ear Wax Removal Vacuum

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Protect your ears & save money in the long run!

  • Safe & for everyone: This vacuum cleaner has been designed by 2.5cm of elastic material, so to protect the ear and ensure that it can’t damage the eardrum.

  • Easy to clean & Reusable: Thanks to the detachable head, it can be cleaned in just a few minutes. Every vacuum comes with a small brush made specifically to clean the inside and remove any dirt and wax from it.

  • Powerful suction: Thanks to the powerful suction it can even clean the most hard and persisistant ear wax.

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to clean ears,

Cotton Swabs Caused Ear Damage

Cotton swab reaches the eardrums. And when it reaches the eardrums it harm your ears. Based on studies, eardrums are very delicate that may rupture even in the gentlest pressure you have when you use the cotton swab for cleaning your ear.

A quick solution to clean ears that work in just a few steps. Switch on the vacuum cleaner, place the tube in the ear hole and begin the suction. The wax build up and any dirt will be easily removed, all with only a gentle vibration.

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Recommended by ENT doctors

ENT = Ear, Nose and Throat

"Because the eardrum is so delicate, it can be easily ruptured If a cotton bud is accidentally pushed too deep. Sometimes during the cleaning of the ear canal, somebody comes and hit the ear. At this moment the ear canal might experience trauma and it can also lead to the bleeding of the ear.

Over the years i have had many clients who have damaged eardums by using cotton swab, wax candles and even ear drops.


That's why i recommend  the ear wax removal vacuum of Blueviy. Because the powerful suction you don't get near the eardrums. "

Marc Jance - ENT Doctor


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How long do the vacuum last for?

It depends on how yo use it. We make the vacuum from durable materials, so with normal use you can clean your ears for a long time.

Does it really work?

We are so confident in that we are offering you a 30 days free money back guarenteed. If you are not satisfied you can send it back and you will get your money back, no question asK!

Can everyone use it?

The head is soft and adapts to any size of ear holes therefore everyone can use it.

How frequently should I use it?

Is varies from person to person. You should take note when the the ear wax returns

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30 days money back guarantee! 

We are 100% confident in our product. That's why we offer a 30-days money back guarantee. If you're not happy, send it back for a full refund. It's simple as that! We value customer satisfaction above anything else.

Ear Wax Vacuum - Blueviy

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