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Security camera in light bulb

Hidden security Camera In Light Bulb

Our Home Security Camera in Light Bulb provides you the best security in the market. Not just a limited spotlight look at any time of day or night. Spy Camera in Light Bulb also can be used for shops, meeting rooms, pets, nanny, elder monitor.

Motion exposure works under the support of a Micro-SD card. Five levels of sensitivity can fit your needs. Real-time monitoring of the roles in the camera screen, when there is a change, our Light Bulb Hidden Camera will send alarm information to the mobile phone to ensure your property's safety.  Wireless Bulb Camera to the 2.4G router, which is comfortable and practical. Light Bulb Camera can be used as a baby or pet monitor.


  • Can talk and listen by remote.
  • Ensure the safety of your property.
  • It furnishes you full protection to see the whole room at night.
  • Provides you a wonderful night experience even in the pitch dark.


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