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Push Up Bra Strapless

Push Up Bra Strapless

Do you feel hesitant with your bras, not fit perfectly? If you want a unique and stylish wireless adhesive stick bra, Our Strapless Invisible Bra is perfect for you. Our Invisible Bra cup is made of bio-adhesive, extracts the natural organic ingredients of the plant, and has good viscosity and stability. Sticky Padded Bra helps you to fit perfectly with your chest.

Strapless Backless Push-Up Bra has a unique design that helps you easily wear your bra. This Sticky Push Up Bra is environmentally safe, healthy, and non-irritating. Its 3 arc wing cup type is strong wrapped underarm and vice milk, back fat, gather in the direction of the chest, transfer grease on the support. Backless Push-Up Bra comes with a drawstring design, innovative, humanized, simple, convenient, safe, durable, and freely adjustable chest type.

  • Freely adjustable chest type.
  • Transfer grease on the support
  • Gather in the direction of the chest.
  • Simple, durable, convenient, and safe.