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waterpik water flosser

Cordless waterpik water flosser

Open your heart and smile. Your smile helps you win the heart of another person. Our Waterpik Dental Flosser will help you to get the brightest smile. Our Waterpik Toothbrush helps to remove food leftovers between teeth that are hard to reach with a typical toothbrush.

Dental Flosser washes away loosened plaque from the spaces between the teeth and gently massages the gums. Waterpik Flosser comes with deep-cleans teeth, increasing blood circulation, interdental spaces, plaque removal, and preventing the formation of plaque. With this Waterpik, teeth are cleaner and gums stronger and healthier. It can be used with mouthwash and ideal for teeth with braces, dentures, prostheses. 

  • Removes debris and food residue.
  • Improves your personal dental and oral hygiene.
  • High speed is designed for deep cleaning and plaque removal.